November 25, 2022

Coin arbitrage: a guide for beginners

In 2022, the price of tokens and coins is changing rapidly. Ordinary trading becomes risky due to long and sharp collapses in quotes. But investors have a new opportunity to get a stable income: coin arbitrage. This method is a regular currency exchange available on Binance and other similar platforms. But the uniqueness of arbitrage lies in that to earn money, you do not have to analyze in which direction the asset rate will change.

What is a simple coin arbitrage?

The essence of the method is very simple to understand. You buy a token or coin on one platform, such as Bityx. After that, you transfer it to a second exchange, such as Binance. There you sell the currency at a better rate.

All that is needed for stable earnings is to quickly find arbitrage opportunities (situations in which the rate of buying and selling coins on different platforms differs by several percent). If you create 2-3 accounts at the same time (for example, on Binance, Bityx, Huobi), such opportunities will appear daily.

Pros of currency arbitrage

The main advantage of the method is that an investor makes his profit regardless of which way the quotes change. The exchange process lasts for 10-15 minutes, after which a user can withdraw money and start looking for the next arbitrage opportunity.

Other benefits of coin arbitrage:

  • You don't need to analyze the market. Trading on Binance and other platforms require good skills. A trader needs to know fundamental and technical analysis, and pay attention to news and forecasts. All these skills are optional to make money on currency arbitrage. It is enough to create accounts on several platforms and find a suitable opportunity to open a deal.
  • Stable income. At the time of opening the transaction, the investor already roughly understands how much profit he can get. Usually, each operation brings a small percentage (up to 3-5%). But such exchanges can be carried out several times a day. This allows you to quickly increase the deposit.
  • The ability to open transactions daily. The coin market is quite young. It is volatile and has many frequent trend changes. Because of this, arbitrage opportunities often arise on large trading platforms. If you monitor quotes on several exchanges, you can open profitable trades several times a day.

How to Find Arbitrage Opportunities

You can do it manually or with the help of special services (arbitrage advisers). To begin with, it is better to look for arbitrage opportunities on your own. So that it will be easier for you to understand the principle of forming quotes on Binance and other platforms.

For example, you can open 2 trading sites or apps and see the current asset rates:

As you can see, the coin price is about 5% higher on Bityx than on Binance. To earn money you need:

  1. Open a deposit on Binance.
  2. Buy a suitable asset there.
  3. Quickly transfer it to Bityx (you need to act without delay, otherwise the price may change).
  4. Sell ​​the coin at a better rate and withdraw the profit.

What do you need to start earning?

Friends, for those who have read the article, we have a great example of two exchanges on which you can make money.

  • Binance is one of the largest exchanges, we have an example where you can buy, we buy on different sites that can be found on the Internet
  • Bityx exchange where often the difference gives very good earnings. Here we often sell at a good price.

To engage in coin arbitrage, it is enough to:

  1. Open an account on Binance, Bityx, and a couple of other major currency trading platforms.
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. Find a profitable arbitrage opportunity.